Shadows of Hyrule CD

1 Those Who Hold the Fate of the World in Their Hands
2 The Decline of Hyrule
3 Forlorn Hero
4 Sanctuary Dungeon
5 Fires of War
6 Forest Temple
7 Gerudo Valley
8 Light Spirit’s Elegy
9 Song of Storms and Flames
10 Awaken the Dragon
11 Hyrule Castle
12 Serpent Dragon Dinraal: Aspect of Din, The Corrupted One
13 The Divine Princess
14 Transcendence
15 Shadows of Hyrule

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An A5 Hard-Cover Digibook, 1xCD set. Including a 16-page booklet with liner notes, the lore behind the album, and illustrations to immerse you in a desolate Hyrule. Presented in a stunning matte-finish digibook with silver foil details, metallic and neon inks, and cover artwork by Nino Is. Every purchase includes a Bandcamp digital download code.

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